Our Philosophy

 The aim of the Upper Beaconsfield Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten is to provide a high quality, innovative and educational program for all children in a nurturing, trusting and caring environment. We celebrate our beautiful, natural bush surroundings, placing emphasis on learning through play and promoting a sense of wonder and curiosity in each child.

 We acknowledge the importance to children of:

BELONGING and feeling a sense of connectedness between their families, educators and other children in their community

BEING, and recognising and celebrating the uniqueness of each child while encouraging independence, resilience and a deep sense of wellbeing in every child

and BECOMING all that they are capable of being, by providing an inclusive environment with rich opportunities for learning, and encouraging children to develop skills that will help prepare them for life such as tolerance, empathy,  curiosity, enthusiasm and an awareness of the importance of caring for our environment.



We foster this by providing programs that support children’s growing sense of identity and wellbeing, help them to maintain their connection to the world and ensuring that they are confident and involved learners and effective communicators, and by reviewing our practice on a regular basis.
We acknowledge the importance to educators of:

  • Developing respectful and trusting relationships with each other, where each member of the team feels valued and recognised
  • Being supported to maintain a high level of professional expertise and knowledge

 We acknowledge the importance to families of:

  • Being the first and most influential teachers in the lives of their children
  • Developing a sense of belonging, acceptance and being valued within the Kindergarten community
  • Being involved in the learning journey of their children