Cardinia Council provide Community Capital Works grants assist community groups managing community and recreational facilities to upgrade these facilities. Major Equipment grants aim to support recreation reserve committees of management to purchase major equipment items to maintain playing surfaces.

Our Kindergarten has been lucky to receive a number of Grants over the past few years all thanks to the hard working Committee, and in Particular the Grants Officer of our Kindergartens.

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Cafe Blinds @ 3YO - September 2015

Our Kindergarten was lucky enough to secure funding at the latest round of Grants to replace the cafe blinds on the patio of the 3 YO Kindergarten. This will provide a weatherproof space year round that will allow our children to utilise year round.

This project is planned to be undertaken ion the Term 3 Holidays.

Outdoor Play Structure @ 4YO- September 2015

Our Kindergarten was lucky enough to secure funding at the latest round of Grants to construct a new Outdoor Wooden Play structure. This will replace the Pirate Ship that was removed 18 months ago due to condition. It will provide a new play space for all children.

This project is planned to be undertaken ion the Term 3 Holidays.

Andrews Foundation
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Office Refurbishment @ 4YO- September 2014
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Sand Pit Upgrade @ 3YO- September 2014
Thanks to another Council Grant we were able to give a much needed upgrade to the Sandpit at the 3YO kinder. The Landscaper did a magnificent job of producing areas of play throughout the Sand pit while also providing an access ramp so all can enjoy.

Sensory Delights - May 2014
We are thrilled to announce that the 3 and 4 year old kindergartens will both be receiving a sensory garden thanks to the generosity of the local Green Circle Plant Nursery/Cardinia Catchment Landcare. These Gardens begin work around May 2014.cc_landcare
A not for profit organisation driven by volunteers, the nursery are generously donating garden design consultation and plants. The sensory gardens will provide the children with a whole new exciting play space outdoors with the introduction of key plantings that will provide various elements to respond to their senses including touch, smell, sound and taste.
Key features of the sensory gardens include indigenous plants that are texturally appealing as well as being edible, placement of new plantings that will create a new entrance point to the play area and plants that make a striking display visually and sound wise when they move in the wind. There is also opportunity to explore the inclusion of children’s artwork into the sensory gardens.
Green Circle Nursery are located at 1 Halford Road, Beaconsfield Upper and are open on Friday’s 9am – 4pm or by appointment. Tel. 0410 619 872
New Cubby - September 2014

Recently, the Upper Beaconsfield Kindergarten was thrilled to receive an amazing donation from a family in their Kinder community.Chris Byrne, a teacher of architecture at the Swinburne University of Technology and father of one of the Kinder children, enlisted the help of his students to design a cubby which is a unique, one-off creation.cubby1_small

The project was headed by David (surname) who worked with Gregor (surname) and a team of design students to produce the magnificent result, as well as supply all of the materials.The cubby was then brought to the Kinder by truck (many thanks to Rod from Silvandale Transport!), and the children watched in awe as the cubby was craned over the fence and into the yard.

The children were given the opportunity to ask questions about the process, and these were answered by Chris and David. The children were then able to race to the cubby and enjoy the final product!

Enhancing Outdoor Play - September 2013

Thanks to the Telstra Kids Fund, children at the Upper Beaconsfield Kindergarten are delighted to be playing with a brand new outdoor play stove, play kitchen bench and play sink. Australian made from a recycled Australian composite material with powder coated steel frames, the outdoor play set is providing hours of imaginative and creative play in the kindergartens beautiful, natural bush setting.

outdoor1Outdoor play is such an important part of the children’s learning environment and provides so many opportunities for the children to engage in role playing, creative and messy play. These all contribute to encouraging a sense of wonder, discovery and a desire to learn.
In purchasing the new outdoor equipment, the children now have additional resources to explore the outside environment and undertake new adventures with the play equipment. This helps achieve the kindergartens developmental and teaching objectives, including to encourage positive self-esteem and a strong sense of identity and to become effective communicators.
outdoor2The new outdoor play equipment also assists with developing social skills, language and communication, teaching co-operation between children and building friendships through a wonderful play experience.

The Upper Beaconsfield Kindergarten Association extends their thanks to Telstra Kids Fund for their generosity in contributing $1200 to the kindergarten for the purchase of the new equipment.

For More information regarding the Telstra Grant see